The Worldly Art of Design

Inspired by unique structures throughout the world and by the work of artisans at home, Terrazza is a worldly and refined residence.

Before even stepping inside, the design of this home makes an impact. The front door is a 1,000-pound masterwork of teak and bevelled glass designed by a renowned local artist. Beyond its enormous custom hinges, which are a work of art themselves, this entry was designed to let nature in while making the home feel as though it’s floating above the neighbourhood when looking out from the inside.

Stepping inside, a straight line of Monastery-inspired pillars lend boldness and structure to the design scheme. The design of this gallery came directly from time spent in a converted abbey on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Spanish limestone flooring adorns the entire main level, which is flooded with light from the wall of windows facing south towards the ocean. Certainly a worldly entry to Terrazza!

Step out to the dining terrace for a moment, and look up: the glass canopy overhead is an industrial work of art. This unique design was created by a sailboat manufacturer using sail theory and marine hardware that allow the canopy to flex and deflect wind while letting the sun and the stars be your ceiling. Truly great design.

The heart of Terrazza is a standout West Coast Kitchen on the main floor. Centered by an elaborate Chef’s stove, the space features a large floor-to-ceiling window that floods the space with lush greens and sunlight from the west side. Looking south, the wall of windows brings more natural light into the space.

Another one-of-a-kind element on this main floor is the Robert Studer designed lighting fixture which illuminates the central spiral staircase. Nicknamed “The Universe”, this sparkling piece rises up and down by remote control to allow for easy cleaning. It truly must be seen to appreciate. As you walk up the staircase, look below the handrail at the exquisitely simple railing design.

Moving up the spiral staircase to the top level, you are met by your own gallery hallway bathed in an abundance of light by a bank of sloped skylights facing north. Your art will be spectacularly displayed in this area and numerous other spots in this design-driven home.

Note:  Since Terrazza could only be appreciated to its fullest with art, an arrangement was made with the Winsor Galleries, Vancouver to display a wide selection of outstanding contemporary art throughout the home for a limited time. If you look at our Winsor Gallery page, you will find a complete description of artist and work for the works displayed. Thank you to Jennifer Winsor for your vision and allowing Terrazza to show its true potential.