The Grounds

Art from the Ground Up

On this lush canvas, inspired landscaping amid natural bedrock and centuries-old granite stones creates a gardener’s paradise.

Due to its relatively small frontage, Terrazza appears somewhat understated from the street. Once on the property however, it opens up into 27,500 square feet of inspired landscaping in a stunningly beautiful location.  Terrazza’s sun-soaked property is a miracle of peace and privacy. Due to its expansive bedrock outcroppings and full southern exposure, this property is roughly 2 degrees warmer than the surrounding neighbourhood, providing incredible growing and landscaping opportunities. It’s even possible to grow peaches and strawberries.

The landscaping plays to the natural art of the topography, and blends with the modern architecture of the home. Wisteria vines winding through the terrace arbour channel the feeling of an Italian vineyard, while artful stonemasonry weaving through the gardens delineates the various settings of peace and contentment. It’s a seamless blend of old and new: ancient rock formations teaming with the wonders of modern architecture, and interacting with a massive lawn suitable for a Great Gatsby summer gathering with a spirited game of croquet.