Co-Existing with Nature

The inside / outside lifestyle balance at Terrazza defines it all; this home was designed and constructed with a great appreciation of, and a deep connection to nature.

Nowhere is that more evident than in the wine cellar and games room: in each, you have a canvas created by merging nature’s bedrock with the interior of the house, forming portions of the interior walls. In both rooms, the final creation goes beyond the wall being a design feature – the engineering insures that rainwater washes over the bedrock and drains into the innovative pea gravel dissipation system, which effectively has the house floating above nature.

Part of living well within Terrazza is feeling at one with nature. This vision is outstandingly executed in the kitchen, where an enormous glass wall allows you to prepare and enjoy while viewing the full splendour of nature only inches away. And all the while in full privacy.

Throughout the expansive property, nature is everywhere. From the power and magnificence of the bedrock outcroppings – to the fragile beauty of wild flowers and fragrant moist air – the integration with nature at Terrazza has created an unparalleled tranquil retreat regardless of the time of day. In daylight lush landscaping and a private pond on the south end offer a chance to view nature in all its colourful abundance. With an ocean sunset bathing your view of the city, lighting a fire and enjoying the stars and a glass of wine under the terrace’s vine and glass canopy truly brings the elements together.

Finally, consider a morning coffee and you sit on any one of the terraces, watching the eagles and heron gliding overhead taking needed reprieve from their oceanic adventures.