Paul Beliveau

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LXXV, 2009
Acrylic on canvas
24 x 48”

LES RENCONTRES LXXV references the celebrity silkscreen prints of Andy Warhol and the pop-art graphic painting of Robert Lichtenstein. It is a hyperreal presentation that that merges print ephemera, pop icons, comic culture, art history and the age-old practice of oil painting. As the modern artist reckoned much with the creation of new forms, obsessed by the duty of performing a tabula rasa, the postmodern creator delights in using pre-existing forms and in combining them. Thus, references to former art movements are widespread in postmodern works, in varied aspects, from the re-appropriation of particular stylistic details to the application of traditional formal rules. In his capacity as an artist drawing from this post – modernity, Béliveau does not hesitate to nourish his output with past History (historicism) by blending old and new (eclecticism), to reduce the cleft between “major” and “minor” arts, to revive adornment and seduction (this latter which was held in such contempt by the avant-garde moderns) and to endow his paintings with an openly significant nature, often narrative, evolving therefore far beyond the formal, plastic and ideological concerns of his forerunners.