Patrick Hughes

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Camera, 2009
Edition 34/45
Hand-painted multiple with archival inkjet
16.5 x 36.2”

Exaggeration is the name of Hughes’ game. His perspective is forced, his doors and walls set off towards infinity far too enthusiastically. Flat perspective drawing would be just too flat for him. The shapes Patrick uses could be put together in a different way to make stage sets, geometric caves, but he makes them the wrong way round, sticking out instead of going in. Impossible objects, changing tents, art galleries, library doors, rooms with suitcases, arcades and skyscrapers, this artist has manoeuvred many things into his system. He has kept to the discipline of the straight lines of perspective, but they have led him to many different pictures. Hughes’ other main quest is for shapes and designs to lever his representations into. He sometimes makes a long narrowing vista, tending towards infinity. He uses hidden corners and cut-in shapes like the suitcase.