Charles Rae

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Open Ended Process Looks To Engage A Sublime Response, 2012
Acrylic on canvas
58 x 59.5”

Charles Rea has been an important player in the Vancouver painting scene for more than twenty years. Introduced in the Vancouver Art Gallery group show “The Young Romantics” in 1985, Rea’s art practice has since followed many diverse paths, making use of varying, often unconventional materials. On a fundamental level, Rea’s works can be interpreted as explorations of space and structure, each series becoming the physical manifestation of the artists’ meditation on a distinct perspective. By observing how Rea chooses to construct his compositions, his representation of depth and distance, positive and negative space, a feeling of disorientation can be identified.
Over the years, Rea’s artwork has assumed many different forms and subject matter using symbols from popular culture, historical markers, spirituality, scientific equations, and the wealth of information embedded in the pages behind book covers — but underneath all of this is an exploration of myriad systems that have come to represent our visual perception and knowledge bank. In this recent work, the knowledge is one we may not be fully cognizant of but that may be lodged, untapped, in the recesses of our minds.