Angela Grossmann

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Oil on vintage paper
40.5 x 29”

Angela Grossmann writes of her own practice and work: “I’m interested in those chance moments when a woman or girl takes on a power beyond all of that rubbish, beyond herself,” she says. “It might be the swing of a hip or the way a leg stands that is so beautiful, so extraordinary, has always been extraordinary and appealing. I’m not interested in making a statement, in being didactic. I’m just trying to figure it out: why is that so captivating, so beautiful? I’m going after beauty. Not in the classic sense, but in the poignant fleeting moments, like the girl in tight jeans with a broken zipper. These moments when we’re vulnerable without pretence, caught unawares, are sometimes the most poetic. Even when we’re trying to be something else, it’s what we’re not trying to be that’s actually so exquisite. We don’t know it at the time. We can’t know it. If we did, it wouldn’t be exquisite.”

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Oil on paper
27 x 21”

Throughout history, the female form has embodied the tastes and conventions of culture, from ancient fertility symbols to today’s chop-shop cosmetic surgery modifications. Perhaps now, more than ever, we’re inundated with idealized images of the female body that challenge female autonomy, liberty and choice. The Future is Female attempts to cut through the clutter of live-out-loud social media, closed-circuit surveillance, sensationalized bullying, fetishisation of youth and sexualisation of girls via the mainstreaming of pornography and consumer trends. Grossmann’s intimate portraits speak to the female struggle for identity, security, self-acceptance and empowerment in the face of homogenous and new-fangled dictates of appearance and behaviour.